was created to be a place where all agents could communicate in an open forum. As time went on, we felt it needed a new mission, to assist in housing for EVERYONE.
These are ideas are placed here as a talking point and to start a conversation amongst realtor and make some changes in the housing market.

Watch the video below to understand. It’s 13 minutes long and if you don’t have the time, forward to the 9 minute market.


In 2021, PEW Research found that 1 of every 3 single family homes that were sold in Arizona, were acquired by Wall Street funded entities. That’s over 6,000 homes in 2021 alone.

Institutional buying accounts now for close to 500,000 single family homes in the United States. BlackRock alone owns close to 90,000 single family homes.

It is time for government to step in and force the institutions to sell their single family holdings. Any home that has an estimated market value of less than $1,000,000.00 they will be given a deadline to sell the homes. 

They can launch auctions and get whatever they can get as a home, just as they acquired the homes.  The firms will still make a profit.




The US Government will redo the regulations in FHA loans.

The government will assist down payments up to $100,000 for first time buyers. Not tax credits, but actual payments.

It will be an interest free loan for the life of owning the homes and reduced equal to taxes paid.

In the event of sale of the homes, the balance due needs to be repaid at closing.


Homeless Camps. 

We have yet to visit a state or major city that does not own vacant property, that is unused. 

Building the most simple of habitats and even TENTS can be a stop gap solution.

It isn’t better for everyone to at least have a tent, a bed, a shower and food!

A person sleeping (or trying to sleep) on a park bench, has a minimal shot at getting out of these situations.

Put yourself in their shoes. If you can’t sleep or shower, you can’t think straight, how do you interview for a job? 

This never ending cycle needs to be changed and it can be done.

Maybe their are some that will need permanent assistance, so we can do that too, but that FACT remains every municipality has the tools to resolve these issues, but the homeless are not a group or base of voters that are catered too.

Giving homeless a place to live, a place to take care of and a place to call home immediately improves the areas the homeless used to sleep in.

Maybe that sounds “Non PC” to “get rid” of the homeless, but we are not to get rid of them, but give them a better environment to move on in life.


The loan process needs to be “Transparent”. All lenders still play “The man behind the curtain” game, AKA “The Underwriter”.  No more “Agents” who need to send to the next leveland can’t give an approval. Yes, the agents can get more training and more responsibility.